Brian Catibog

Accounting Expert

Brian Catibog is a highly experienced accountant who has spent more than a decade in this field. Throughout his career, Brian has successfully and consistently grown to a point where he has established himself a business to offer his accounting services. In his 10+ years of experience in accounting, he has dealt with a variety of complex and challenging assurance and tax issues.

Before starting his professional career, Brian Catibog attended university to receive a degree in Accounting. Brian went to the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg from 2002 to 2006 and completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree. His hard work allowed him to begin a job in the field he intended.

His first job was as an Intermediate Accountant at Craig and Ross Chartered Accountants. For almost two years, Brian worked as the senior in the preparation of audited financial statements and working paper files related to year-end. He worked with various types of clients in this role. Brian was responsible for preparing corporate and personal tax returns for his clients. These tax returns were used along with year-end information to help determine various tax strategies that would benefit the shareholder. He also helped with the day-to-day tracking of company finances to submit government forms in a timely manner.

At the start of 2009, Brian Catibog began working as an Intermediate Accountant for BDO Canada LLP. He audited financial statements for the company while in this role. Brian then used these audits to present financial statements at an annual general meeting to approximately 50 members. Brian was able to improve his public speaking and leadership skills through this role. He was responsible for fielding any questions people may have regarding the financial statements, which meant he needed to be well versed in the status of the company finances.

Outside of his role as an Intermediate Accountant, Brian worked to become a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba. Brian passed the uniform final exam and was admitted to the organization in 2010.

After spending two years at BDO Canada LLP, Brian Catibog went on to work at KWB Chartered Accountants as a Manager in January 2012. By utilizing his expertise, Brian assisted business owners on how to financially run their operations while working as a Manger. He helped these business owners by walking them through the process of government submissions and record-keeping. Brian also trained them on various accounting software, which allowed the year-end documents to be prepared more efficiently. He continued to improve his leadership skills and his ability to prioritize and organize materials effectively.

Brian has had the previous experience of setting up a successful accounting practice in Calgary that specialized in audits related to communities and organizations of the surrounding areas. He registered as a public accounting firm with the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of AB.

Brian Catibog has also been a contributor to multiple communities by providing workshops related to financial record keeping and goods and services taxes for not-for-profit organizations and charities.